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8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey

8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey is the newest release from Critical Games.

Created as a homage to the classic 8-Bit Role-Playing Games (RPGs) of the '80s and '90s, 8-Bit Adventures tells the story of an old game cartridge on the brink of destruction. Unplayed for years, it now sits lost and forgotten, covered in dust and slowly being reclaimed by the elements. Struggling against the inevitable, this cartridge sets in motion a plan - a plan, it hopes, that will subvert its fate and save the world within its circuits from total annihilation...

Inside the game, three people - a warrior, a thief, and a mage - wake up to find that all the colour has been drained from their world, petrifying all of the townspeople! To restore their home, they must collect the three coloured Orbs by exploring dark dungeons and battling dangerous monsters. But this is only the beginning of their journey...

I was blown away. The story for this game is incredible, and there is a HUGE twist that I suspect will make this one of the best indie RPGs of 2013.
- Amanda Fitch, Amaranth Games
Much love for the classics throughout his approach. Funny and very original. 4/5 Stars
- Breixo,

It features:

- 8-Bit Style Graphics Inspired by the Classics

- Over 7 Hours of Gameplay

- Robust 'New Game Plus' Mode almost Doubles Playtime, featuring Greater Difficulty, New Equipment, Rewritten Dialogue, Alternate Graphics for the first 5 Dungeons, and Two New Side-Quests

- Element System adds an extra layer of Complexity to Battles

- Music with Retro Charm composed by Carfonu

- Plenty of Fun References for those that know their 8-Bit Games

- Over 15 Areas and 10 Dungeons to Explore

- 8 Side-Quests to Complete

- Over 50 Unique Enemies to Battle

- Over 40 Abilities and Spells to Use

- Over 100 Weapons and pieces of Armour to Find

Desura Digital Distribution
If you have enjoyed the music in 8-Bit Adventures, I highly recommend checking out our fantastic
composer's website (where you can listen to the complete soundtrack)